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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Day of politicians

What a Westminster whirlwind it has been in the newsroom today with Tory leader Michael Howard visiting Falmouth, and Schools Minister David Milliband in Camborne. My boss (news editor) went off to see Mikey Howard in his bid to boost the Conservatives a little. However, Howie baby has gone to a constituency where they have had very poor press of late. This is mainly down to the party trying to deselect their PPC because he is gay. Apparently Jeremy Paxman was down at Falmouth too, asking why everyone hates the Tories so much.

I went to Camborne School to meet David Milliband. He was a boring git to interview, although I did get some comments out of him on teaching Cornish heritage in schools. I can use those soon.

Just had a call from a BBC Radio 4 reporter who is doing a story on the Cornish language. She didn't want to speak to me (that's new) but wanted a contact from me.

Tonight I'm hoping to go off to the pub with a cute guy who lives up the road. Tell you more on this soon ;-)

Cornish phrase for you: Den na gar y gi a'n gwra devessor. (a man who doesn't love his dog makes him a sheep worrier)


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