This is a description of the day to day mundane life of a Cornish speaking journalist working in Kernow.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Blydhen nowydh / new year

How can we call this a happy new year considering the tsunami? Reading the news over the past few days has been really tough as callers phone in in tears after hearing about their own family and friends who have died in the Asian disaster. I have written a poem in Cornish for everyone struggling with coming to terms with this awful event:


Awos an hager-awel
Y fynnyn ni skapya pell
Dhe vro gans trethow owrek
Ha trevow yn-dann gell
Dhe dyller gans howl ha toemmder
Dhe dyller pur bell dhe-ves
Mes lemmyn an goel yw mernans
Awos kordonn ha dorgwrys

Le mayth esa tewes
Tornysi hys-ha-hys
Le mayth esa ostel
Gans gwin yn lystri-gwrys
Lemmyn nyns eus travydh
Saw korfow yn tre dhiswrys
Yma ankow yn pub sorn
Awos kowrdonn ha dorgwrys

Because of the nasty weather
We want to escape far away
To a land with golden beaches
And secret villages
To a place with sun and warmth
To a place a long way away
But the holiday is now death
Because of a tsunami and an earthquake.

Where there was sand
Holidaymakers all along it
Where there was a hotel
With wine in crystal vessels
Now there is not anything
Apart from bodies in a destroyed town
There is death everywhere
Because of a tsunami and an earthquake.

1st January 2005